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There’s growing interest in taking better care of ourselves, a more preventative approach to health rather than simply waiting to get sick and hoping someone can fix us!  

This can only ever be a good thing.  Prevention is always better than a cure, and, as I’ve written about many times before, keeping healthy in our modern world with its burden of toxins, EMFs, chemicals and poor quality food requires us to certainly be as proactive as we can be to protect our wellbeing.

So in response to this desire to look after our own health there has been a huge increase in the ways we can do this. Numerous therapies, supplements, diets, gadgets and so on which all claim to provide us with the solution, with new ones being suggested every day.

The downside of this is that it can become confusing and overwhelming – what is right for you and your particular symptoms? And reading endless testimonials about the success of others only to find that you, yourself, see little or no benefit from a particular approach, remedy or supplement can be frustrating to say the least.

So why are there so many different approaches to better health out there, and why for every one person who swears by a ‘cure’  there’ll be another who found it no help at all?

Well to explain let’s talk snowflakes!

Every snowflake that ever forms has the same chemical and molecular makeup, H2O – water.  However, although they all look the same on the surface, it’s a well known fact that when studied closer under a microscope no two snowflakes have the same structure. Each and everyone has its own unique, and very beautiful, pattern.

In this way we too are like snowflakes (isn’t that a lovely thought!  I quite like comparing myself to these stunning creations of nature!).  We all have the same molecular structure and basically look more or less the same, but on closer inspection every one of us is unique too.  It’s not just our height, build, hair and eye colour but we also have our own biochemistry, own genetic makeup, microbes and immune response, for instance.  Even genetically identical twins will be different biochemically by the time they are a few years old due to the effects of their environment!

So how does this affect better healthcare?

Because we are all different biochemically no one solution can ever suit everyone – it’s just not possible as we all hold the potential to react in different ways.  It’s no wonder that while one person will find amazing results with a certain remedy, for instance, another won’t, even if their symptoms seem to be exactly the same.

So what to do?

Finding a solution that suits you probably seems like even more of an impossible task now!  Not so – we just need to change our approach.  We need a snowflake approach to better health – an approach that recognises you for the individual you are.

So firstly, instead of looking for a ‘magic bullet’ solution – that one thing that will solve everything, we need to accept that we are all different, and therefore that one solution for everyone simply doesn’t and can’t exist.  And, following on from that, we need to develop more patience, a willingness to try different things, take on board what works and pass on what doesn’t, regardless of how well it might have worked for someone else or what the research says.  So, for instance, you don’t have to follow a diet regime to the letter for it to have benefits. Use those parts that suit you and ignore the rest.

Its ability to take an individual approach to treatment is one of the (many) reasons I love Bioresonance as a therapy.

Not only does it allow the body to tell us where the issues are so we don’t have to guess and make assumptions, but we can also test the energetic ‘footprint’ of remedies, supplements, foods and so on against our own to see exactly what we need (or don’t) and when we need it.

So the next time you try something to improve your health only to find it doesn’t seem to work, don’t get frustrated, feel you’ve somehow done something wrong, or that your symptoms are unsolvable. Instead remember that you’re like a snowflake, unique and special, and just try something else!

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