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Feeling less tired is all about getting more sleep, right?

WRONG – as many who sleep all night and still wake up tired will no doubt confirm. So what is the real truth about tiredness? In this article I’m going to reveal why simply getting more sleep isn’t necessarily the answer to tiredness, show you the real reason you are tired, what the sneaky little energy thieves are, and what you need to do right now to have more energy.


Tiredness and a lack of energy appear to be such common symptoms.

It’s the number one thing that many of the people I see complain about and the key reason that they seek treatment, whilst every magazine, newspaper and television programme offers advice on how to become more energetic. With the increase in labour saving devices we should have less to do so therefore have more energy, surely? So why isn’t it like that? Tiredness seems such a small problem but can have a huge impact on your life and health.  Completing everyday tasks becomes harder, taking exercise is less appealing or not possible at all, leisure time with the family is more or a chore than a pleasure, and as your health deteriorates you have less motivation to do something about it. In the end you can get caught in a vicious cycle of increasingly poor health which drains your energy further and can eventually affect your family, relationships and work.


But whilst tiredness is such a common issue did you know that it is possible to have more energy just by making a few simple changes to your home environment?


Many people who are tired are in fact toxic, overloaded by environmental pollution much of which lurks in your home. Over the last 50 years we have become exposed to a dramatically increasing cocktail of different chemicals. Our lives are full of them from the furniture, paint and carpets, for instance, that we use to enhance our personal space to the products we use to clean them, and as we become more and more conscious of energy efficiency we ‘seal’ our properties more keeping the warmth in but also preventing those less welcome elements from escaping!


Exposure to toxins shouldn’t really in itself be a problem.

Our bodies are cleverly designed to deal with harmful substances. However, the mechanics it uses are complex and require a delicate balance of vitamins & minerals, overall chemical levels and general well-being.  Over exposure to chemicals, which is more and more likely in modern day life, overwhelms this balance leaving the body unable to cope. Result: toxicity can’t be removed and backs up in the body, rather links blocked drains with much the same unpleasant outcome! Unwanted substances are left to roam free in your body robbing your system of vital energy and leaving you with ever growing levels of deliberating tiredness that simply trying to sleep off won’t solve.


However even though we are surrounded almost on a constant basis by these sneaky energy thief’s it is possible to combat your tiredness quickly and easily just by making these few simple changes to your home environment.


  • Use Natural Cleaning Products

Many of our cleaning products, whilst good at stripping out dirt quickly, are less good for our tissues. Use natural products around the house wherever possible.  Old fashion uses for

Bicarbonate Of Soda, for example, are just as effective as modern cleaning products and much kinder to you!


  • Use Natural Air Fresheners.

Commercially produced air fresheners can be a source of harmful chemicals which, when used in our homes, can create a toxic fog in the air around us.  For fresher air with a kinder source replace with a natural alternative. Essential oils are ideal.  Put some in a reed diffuser or mix with water and spritz for an instant burst of perfume.


  • Replace furnishings with ‘healthier’ alternatives.

Increased use of chemicals in the manufacture of furnishings as fire retardants and textile treatments, for instance,together with volatile organic compounds in paint and solvents in carpets lead to ‘out gasing’ of toxins into our homes potentially for years.  Choose paint that is VOC free, consider alternative floor coverings such as hard wood and use products made from naturally fire resistance materials such as cotton and wool

And finally don’t forget to open those windows to let the fresh air in and the toxins out!


Chemical pollution from our homes may be turning us into a nation of sleepy heads with the consequences this has for our health, lives and close relationships, but this doesn’t have to be the case. By following these simple steps and being more aware of your potential toxic overload it is possible to get your energy back. Just imagine how good it would be if the next time someone asks you how you are instead of complaining of feeling tired you’re able to say “I feel great, thanks!”

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