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Do you have a pet or other much loved animal who is maybe struggling a little with modern day life?

Perhaps they become distressed when left on their own, bark or whine a lot, dislike meeting or mixing with other animals, appear to have a fear of loud noises, going out, children or some other part of their world?  Perhaps you’re suspicious that their on going health complaints, such as excessive scratching or licking, have an emotional cause?  Perhaps they are a rescue animal who you know has had a traumatic past.

Just like us our pets, horses and animals sometimes need a little emotional help to navigate an often strange and stressful modern world.  Tranquil Pets offers a gentle, drug free solution for these sensitive animals.

What are Tranquil Pets?

Tranquil Pets provide emotional support to sensitive animals using Bioresonance frequencies for relevant issues such as stress reduction, improved sleeping, Bach Flower Remedies and other energy based modalities.

Using the cutting edge Rayonex technology specifically selected Bioresonance programmes to support a range of issues are programmed into a small tag (like a name tag).  This tag then emits the remedies to the animal whilst being worn on the collar or harness, or placed in the dog or cat’s bed, for instance.  A totally gentle, non-invasive approach, Tranquil Pets can offer immediate and ongoing relief to your pet, and therefore to you too!


Choose from:

Rest & Relax – for animals that find it hard to settle, are a little too boisterous or restless.  To bring calm and peace into their lives.

Meet & Greet – for animals who find it hard to socialise, become shy or agitated when meeting new people, other animals or new items in their lives.  Help them enjoy the company of others.

All Change – for animals struggling with a period of change – a new member of the family, a new home or environment, a new routine.  Allow them to cope with the experience better and settle quicker.  Ideal for moving house!

My Own Company – for animals who don’t like to be left on their own, who whine, bark or cry a lot when someone isn’t in their immediate environment.  Help them find pleasure in their own company, and feel happier to be left alone.

Sleep Like A Baby – for animals who find settling on a night difficult, who wake early or are resting badly in any way.  Help aid restful and relaxed sleep.

Peace & Quiet – for animals who don’t like loud noises, are gun shy or frightened of thunder.  To help them relax and destress.

Each tag comes beautifully packaged in a small gift bag and with full instructions for use – an essential part of your pet care routine or an ideal and unusual gift for a caring pet owner.


Tranquil Pet Tag  – £19.99 (+£2.90 Post & Packaging)

Tranquil Pet Tag when purchased together with an Initial Analysis or Follow On Analysis – £9.99 (including P&P)



Personalised Tranquil Pet Tag

Tranquil Pets can also be personalised to your own animals specific needs. Specific requirements for emotional support for the individual animal are detected from analysis of a sample of the subject’s hair or feather.  Based on the findings of the analysis a remedy can be created which contains the required frequencies to address the sensitivities and transferred to the tag.

Personalised Tranquil Pet Tag – £29.99 (including P&P)

Personalised Tranquil Pet Tag when purchased together with an Initial Analysis or Follow On Analysis – £19.99 (including P&P)

Each tag comes with instructions for use and ring attachment, and is presented in a gift bag.


To Order Your Personalised Tranquil Pet Tag

As each tag is produced on an individual basis we need to know a little bit about the specific issues your pet is experiecing and have a (very small!) sample of hair, fur or feather to analyse.

Step 1 – Download and complete the questionaire to let us know a little more about your animal’s specific issues.  Download questionnaire here → 

Step 2 – Collect a sample of your animal’s hair, fur or feather (we only need a very small sample – a few hairs will do!)

Step 3 – Post the sample and completed questionnaire to The Life Waves Practice For Animal Bio-energetics, Wheatbank Farm, Lealholm, Whitby. YO21 2AW

Step 4 – Pay. Payment can be by cheque sent with the questionnaire and hair sample (please make payable to S.Bainbridge) or online using any major credit or debit card by clicking here.

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