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At the Life Waves Practice we use a bespoke treatment approach to help resolve health issues and regain natural balance, so important for better long term well being.  Taking Bioresonance According To Paul Schmidt as its core, and combining this energy based therapy with diet and nutritional advice, environmental detoxing and emotional support, this practical, common sense and easy to follow treatment protocol resolves underlying issues and reinstates healthy internal balance whilst also providing you with the knowledge and confidence to know how to protect your own health in to the future.

Treatment is tailored to your own individual needs and is based on the 3 Pillars For Improved Health:

The 3 Pillars For Improved Health

Remove  – To deal with the causes of ill health including pathogens, environmental toxins, acidity and chemicals.  At the Life Waves Practice we use Bioresonance Therapy as our main tool for resolving these disturbances in the body.  To find out more about Bioresonance Therapy and how it works download your free eBook here →

Repair – Assisting the body to recover from the effects of disturbances and the ongoing impact of symptoms by reinstating homeostatic balance.  This is achieved through improvements to diet and nutrition, individualised supplement advice, strengthening the immune system and emotional support to reset the body’s stress response.

Protect – Once better health is established it is important to know how to protect and maintain it therefore ensuring long term well being, Treatment at the Practice uses a combination of environmental and diet detoxing, advice and emotional well being strategies to give you the knowledge, techniques and confidence to deal with the challenges of living in our modern world and to keep yourself healthy.

Treatment Sessions

Treatment is tailored to your own individual needs and covers:

  • Identification & balancing of disturbances due to electromagnetic pollution (sSmog)
  • Identification & balancing of disturbances due to Geopathic stress
  • Checking & balancing of acupuncture meridians
  • Analysis & balancing of the body’s pH balance
  • Testing of vital substances, e.g. vitamins, minerals, trace elements and gut flora and identification of your exact supplement requirements
  • Checking and balancing of the body’s detoxing pathways – lymph, liver and kidney.
  • Checking and balancing of the body’s energy production
  • Checking for the presence of bacteria, viruses and parasites where appropriate.
  • Resolving disturbances related to bacteria, viruses and parasites where appropriate

In addition you will be provided with dietary, supplements, and lifestyle advice to support your return to better health together with help to address stress where required and how to detox your environment of EMFs, chemicals and other sources of toxins to further protect your health.

Treatment can be anything from a few sessions to a longer term commitment depending on the level of disturbance found and the symptoms being experienced.  As a guide, new clients typically require a minimum of 3 initial treatments in order to reinstate the basic homeostatic balance in the body – a key element in achieving longer term good health and well being.

Treatment Session – £60 (including Treatment Drops)

I was feeling generally unwell, lethargic, stomach problems, symptoms of SAD but no real causes. I was recommended to Sarah by friends, who themselves are clients and who, following treatment, now look and appear extremely well.

I had no Idea what to expect but I was amazed at the findings and remember thinking that it was no wonder I felt the way I did. I was totally blown away that just 48 hours after my first treatment I was beginning to feel better in myself, more positive and more alert.Over time my overall conditions have improved. I’m not as lethargic, haven’t needed my SAD light to wake me in the mornings, and my stomach issues have improved. I have a brightness about me now which people are beginning to comment about, saying things like, “Wow! You look well!”.” – Patricia Fielding

Hair Analysis

Don’t live near enough to attend in person?  Distance is no barrier to experiencing the benefits of this unique approach!

Using the same cutting edge Rayonex Technology employed in the Practice, energetic imbalances, pathogens, toxins and chemicals in the body, which may be causing visible symptoms of illness, can be detected from analysis of a sample of the subject’s hair.  Based on the findings of the analysis a remedy can be created which contains the required frequencies to rectify the imbalances and promote healing.

Introductory Analysis – £60

A full analysis plus treatment of key disturbances.

Follow On Analysis –  £60

This is only available to those who have completed an Introductory Analysis.  Analysis is carried out to establish the ongoing condition of the body and any further disturbances requiring attention.

Each analysis includes a full report of the findings with any additional recommendations for improving health, a specific remedy for you based on the required frequencies, a telephone overview with myself to discuss the findings, and postage & packaging.  Remedies are provided as drops

Do you want to know more about how treatment at the Practice could help you?

Then why not contact me for a free, no obligation informal chat about your own unique situation and the possibilities available?

Contact me on 07884 250430, or email here 

I really look forward to talking to you!


 Please note: Whilst the Life Waves Practice recommends a holistic approach to health it is recommended to consult your GP for all medical conditions.

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