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We all like to try and eat as healthily as possible particularly if we want to maintain good well being.

But what if those foods we think are healthy aren’t and what if these foods rather than maintaining our good health are actually undoing it? Read on to find out just how healthy your diet really is and how a few simple changes can make all the difference.

Some foods may not be as healthy as we are led to believe.

For many years certain foods have been promoted as good choices for those wanting to follow a healthy diet but things may not be as clear cut as it seems. A number of these so called ‘health’ foods actually put more pressure of our body then provide benefit. This extra pressure makes the body work harder in all the wrong ways, creating an increased need to detox and forcing the body to repair damage that has been done. A long way from the help that’s suppose to be provided!

Limiting or avoiding these foods may be a better way of protecting your health

By being aware of the possible problems with certain types of these ‘not so healthy’ health foods, and knowing what to replace these with so as to gain the benefits you are after, it is possible to regain that healthy diet you are trying to achieve.

So let’s start on a sweet note!

Excessive intake of some natural sweeteners can have similar repercussions to excess alcohol consumption.

We are all aware of the problems of excessive sugar intake with regards to standard white table sugar, and there is an increased awareness that artificial sweeteners are not a good alternative! (better to have the sugar than these!). Consequently many of us actively seek out foods which contain what are labelled as natural sweeteners.

In many cases these are fruit sugar based. However, whilst table sugar contains glucose these natural sweeteners, being fruit sugar based, contain more of a substance called fructose. Whilst every cell in the body can metabolise glucose, only the liver can metabolise fructose. Consequently research is showing that excessive amounts of fructose are more dangerous than glucose, putting huge pressure on the liver and resulting in repercussions similar to excessive drinking!

So if you wish to indulge your sweet tooth but want to protect your liver:

Avoid: Agave, Brown Rice Syrup, Fruit Juice and Maple Syrup
Replace With: Raw Local Honey, Dextrose and Stevia.

It’s the type of soy you consume that can make the difference to your health rather that just soy itself.

Again soy for many years has been heralded as a healthier alternative to meat but, as with natural sweeteners, the health benefits lie in the type of soy you consume.

In this case we talking unfermented verses fermented soy.

So what’s not good about unfermented soy? Well,
• It contains a substance which it is believed can hinder correct functioning of the thyroid leading to digestive problems, weight issues and food sensitivities
• It contains a plant form of oestrogen which has been linked to kidney stones and impaired memory in the elderly.
• It contains phytates which prevent the correct absorption of minerals in the body leading to possible deficiencies.

Not that great really!

Fermented soy, on the other hand, reduces the levels of these substances therefore limiting the impact on the body.

So for a healthier option chose:
Miso, Soy Sauce and Tempeth, a fermented soybean cake.

Fresh fish is good but size matters!

What could possibly be wrong with fresh fish I hear you ask! Well nothing with the fish per se but size, and where it was produced, does matter.

Increased levels of pollution in our environment now means that more of our fish are contaminated with heavy metals (especially mercury) and other undesirable toxic substances. Large fish, that tend to live longer and grow bigger, have more time (and more capacity) to absorb these chemicals. As a result levels are higher in the large fish then in the smaller variety.

And how does where the fish come from matter?

Farmed fish, through the very process of ‘farming’, can sometimes be fed less natural diets then their free roaming counterparts, can be genetically modified themselves, and by living in closer proximity to each other may contain a higher level of parasites.

So good choices with regards to fish include: Haddock, Wild Salmon and Sardines.

Choosing to eat healthily can only ever be a good thing but making healthy choices may require you to change your thinking a little

However, as shown above, with the right knowledge it is possible. So to really boost the health benefits of your favourite healthy foods why not try the alternatives suggested – your body will love you for it! Bon Appetite!

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