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Vitamins, minerals and other herbal based supplements can form an important part of any health routine.

The body needs a huge variety of vitamins and minerals as its essential building blocks, and to maintain and protect those all important self-regulatory processes – we simply couldn’t survive without them.  Modern day living can leave us short of these vital components for our health so ‘topping up’ our intake with specifically designed products can seem like a good idea.

However, as with all things, just because they are deemed ‘healthy’ doesn’t mean that caution is not required when using them.

Taking too many of the wrong thing or using them in the wrong way can, in fact, create more problems than it solves and in some cases be very dangerous!


So how best to incorporate vitamins and minerals into your approach to healthier living?

Well, firstly, do you really need to? 

We’re all individuals, with our own unique biochemistry, so just because recent research has found that a certain supplement is good for particular symptoms, or your best friend found that taking a specific vitamin helped them, doesn’t mean that it’s going to be what you need.   Do your research carefully.  Find out the benefits and disadvantages of taking the supplement, what symptoms it’s supposed to be good for and how it helps.  As with all things, make your own informed decision based on your needs before going ahead.

Start slowly and watch for new or increased symptoms.

Probiotics, for instance, although good for digestive issues can actually make symptoms worse depending on what those digestive issues are, so note how you are feeling when taking the supplement and take action accordingly!  And again, just because a supplement is natural doesn’t mean to say you can’t have a reaction to it.

Watch how you mix your supplements.

A supplement on its own may be fine but taken in conjunction with others could prove more complicated, and watch how much you take as high levels can sometimes be harmful to your system.  The levels of vitamins and minerals in the body are finely balanced so you can easily create a deficiency in one area by trying to correct one in another.  Also watch the mix with prescribed medication.

If in doubt seek professional assistance.

A well trained therapist, for example, will be able to guide you as to what exactly your requirements are and advise accordingly.  BaPS Bioresonance is an ideal method for giving a very objective result on your supplement requirements, testing the energetic footprint of each against your own to find out exactly what you need at any given point in time.


So by all means use vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements as part of your health routine but do make sure that you are following these basic rules to ensure that what you use is helping your system and not hindering it …. and if in doubt, ask!

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