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Trying to look after our well being can seem so hard these days.

There is no end of advice as to what you should do – things that are deemed the best thing ever today then the worst possible thing tomorrow, not to mention the increasing array of remedies, supplements and therapies that are now available, each promising the solution to all your problems!

Often we can find it difficult to take any action at all as we spend our time endlessly trying to evaluate the pros and cons of what’s on offer, and decide what might be best for us.  And that’s even without the constant worry we have as to whether whatever we choose is the right (or wrong) thing to do anyway.

But what if you can’t go wrong when it comes to your health? 

Just think how much easier everything would become if we knew that, regardless of what we eventually decided to do, it was absolutely the right thing for us.

But is that even possible?

I can guarantee that it’s certainly a lot easier than you think!

So first let’s look at this whole concept of right and wrong.  Now let me be clear – I’m not talking about what’s morally right or wrong – these things we don’t need to debate, we just know (or at least the majority of people do).  There’s obviously no debate about whether we should harm someone else, rob a bank, drive recklessly….  we just know not to – common (and decent) sense.

Instead what I’m talking about here is our concept of right and wrong based on that constant chatter in our head.  The ongoing debate we have with ourselves on just about everything – including our health.

‘What if I do this and it’s not right?’

‘What if I make a wrong choice?’

‘What will people think?’

‘Will (insert a name) approve?’

In these cases what exactly constitutes a ‘wrong’, or for that matter ‘right’ choice?

What criteria are we using?  Where is it written down that this is ‘right’ and that is ‘wrong’ – and even where it is written down, how many times, as noted above, does this change!

The counselling voice in our head directing our decisions actually has very little basis of  truth in it, being made up mainly of our own thoughts, beliefs, past experiences, what your parents/best friend/guy on the television said…. and so on.  And yet we give it so much importance.  We let it make our decisions and stop us from taking action (because what if it’s the wrong action!).

Believe it or not you do know what you need to do without all the endless deliberation.

Your inner knowing, intuition, common sense – whatever you like to call it – knows exactly what to do but we ignore it in favour of the ongoing chatter – or we simply can’t hear it over all the noise!

Stopping the debate, if only for a moment, and simply doing what occurs to you to do, will mean that you are doing exactly the right thing for you at this precise moment, and that may include doing nothing at all.  You simply can’t go wrong.

Yes you may decide that something else is better at a later stage, or another course of action may occur to you to do, but that’s absolutely fine too – just part of the process – the natural progression that you need to take – and anyway, who says that even changing your mind or doing something different is right or wrong?

So what if you can’t go wrong with whatever you do to improve your health and maintain your well being?

How might that change your approach and what would you do?

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