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You are committed to getting better but despite all your best efforts your symptoms seem to persist or worsen. Why is that?


Perhaps it’s because you felt that you could resolve your health problems yourself but with so much conflicting information available it’s difficult to know what to do for the best or you’ve been waiting for answers and solutions to your health issues to be provided but no one has been able to give you any.  Maybe you have trusted in conventional approaches but these have let you down, or you just thought that if you tried one more thing or waited just a little longer then your symptoms would start to improve.  For many it’s because they’ve wanted to take a more natural approach to their health but didn’t know where to start.

In this article I’ll be exploring what being healthy really means (after all that’s what we’re all try to achieve isn’t it!), what really is making you I’ll and why your symptoms are so persistent,  and the quickest, easiest way to start to feel better now.

Understanding what ‘being healthy’ actually means is a good place to start!


Health is a state of overall well being…

The question of what constitutes ‘health’ and ‘disease’, and what is required to create either, has been a topic of discussion for many years with each generation, change in society’s values, and associated technological and medical advances shaping and reshaping the definitions.  Over recent years the idea of ‘general well being’ has gained much ground with a recognition that health is not solely related to the correct functioning of the physical body but involves wider considerations.  The World Health Organisation, for example, defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.


So is ill health or disease the absence of well being?

Not quite! The Health Organisation, rather than defining disease as the absence of this ‘well being’, as you would expect, instead defines it as “any impairment of normal physiological function affecting all or part of an organism … producing characteristic symptoms”.

Disease, therefore, is often traditionally viewed as the presence of symptoms, and health as the absence of these symptoms.  However, complementary medicine sees symptoms differently, viewing them not as a ‘problem’ but instead as a sign of the body’s attempt to fight back and ‘rebalance’ itself.  As such it can be argued that health is far more than the lack of physical symptoms alone, and in fact the human organism can descend into a state of ill health ‘energetically’ long before such physical signs become visible.


Health is homeostasis balance within the body.

A state when everything is working in balance to maintain equilibrium with all systems functioning correctly.  However the human organism is a complex biological system interacting with both its own internal environment and the external surroundings on multiple levels, co-ordinating simultaneous interactions between its various components.

Consequently maintaining this balance is an intricate and multifaceted process involving many different activities all working at once.  As such health can also be considered as ‘multi- factional’ with a number of different aspects to be considered when aiming to maintain or restore the body to this state of well being.


‘Dis-ease’ is the result of a handful of key causes

These causes create an unbalanced and toxic environment within the body allowing for the growth of bacteria, viruses and parasites. Disease, therefore, could be considered as a reflection of the overall health of the body’s tissues rather than purely the presence of ‘germs’ possibly explaining why some people catch the ‘bug’ that’s going around and others don’t?


So what are the key causes?

Sadly many are products of our modern society and life in the new millennium, with the new advances aiming to make our lives easier and more fulfilling possibly also making us more unhealthy!

Chronic disease is the result of the accumulation of toxins in the body…

It is believed that accumulated toxins block the body’s cells ability to receive oxygen, nutrients and eliminate metabolic wastes, distorting the body’s complex electromagnetic frequencies and, as a result, the delicate energetic balance of good health.

Where do these toxins come from?

eSmog from our mobile phones, wireless networks and numerous electronic devices is a key source of disturbance as are geographically based electromagnetic force in the form of geo stress.  Environmental toxins and heavy metals are another main cause, whilst acidity in the body from a poor diet together with a lack of hydration impairs the body’s ability to naturally eliminate toxic accumulation further contributing to the unhealthy environment in an ever increasing vicious circle of ill health.

It is believed that only by removing this toxic overload can the body truly return to good health creating healthy tissues in which bacteria, parasites and viruses cannot get a hold.


So what’s the one thing you can do right now to start to feel better?

It’s easy – reduce your exposure to these toxins or avoiding them altogether.  Use natural products as much as possible, get out in the fresh air to give your body the chance to detox, open your windows to allow your house to detox, and reduce your exposure to eSmog (for more information on how to do this see ‘The Facts You Should Know About eSmog And Your Health).

Want to know if you are affected by one or more of these key causes of disease? Do you want to start to turn your ill health into good health?

If so, then then why check out the treatment options here at the Practice by clicking here.


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