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You are frustrated by your ill health, struggling to find out why you are unwell, and disheartened by worsening symptoms that nothing seems to help.  You want to resolve those niggling, persistent symptoms and health issues but have tried different approaches, therapies and lifestyle changes only to find that nothing seems to work that well.

Why is that?

Good health is actually part of your natural make up.  The body is designed to be healthy and everything it does supports that basic state – after all, that is how we survive as a species!  The body has many built in functions to assist – its own internal pharmacy, defence mechanisms and repair processes – clever, isn’t it? – and all of this is managed second by second by a complex series of hundreds and thousands of feedback loops which allow the body to continually respond to changes in both its internal and external environments – a process known as the Homeostatic Balance.

You become ill when that balance is lost. The body can no longer respond to potentially harmful changes, and it develops symptoms to alert you to the problem.

So what to do?

Resolving symptoms, and the associated ill health, is all about finding out why your important homeostatic balance is lost – in other words identifying the underlying causes of your symptoms. And what are these? Well, sadly many of the trappings of our modern lives; disturbance from EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) from electrical equipment, mobiles phones and WiFi for instance, chemicals in our homes, the air we breathe and the products we use daily, poor diets which are too acidic, and the stress and pace of our everyday lives.  All of these impair the homeostatic balance and create a toxic environment in our bodies meaning that when we come into contact with pathogens – parasites, bacteria and viruses – which inevitably we will, our systems are less able to cope and we become ill.

So how to solve the problem?

Resolving your persistent symptoms and niggling health issues is all about identifying and removing these causes, helping the body to repair from the disturbance and effects of your symptoms, and improving your environment, lifestyle and diet to help protect your re-found healthier balance for the future.

Here at the Life Waves Practice we use a practical, common sense, and easy to follow approach which combines Bioresonance, an energy based therapy, with diet and nutrition, environmental detoxing and emotional support to help you do just that – resolve your symptoms, regain good health and enjoy better well being into the future.

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