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This is another question I often get asked, and one I can remember also asking my own therapist all those years ago.  Perhaps you, like I was at the time, are frustrated by your weight, spending lots of time, effort and money following various diet plans but just not losing the excess pounds, or losing them whilst on the plan only to put it all back on once you stop.

So what was my therapist’s answer?  Well the same one I’m about to give you.

Diets don’t work!

While your body’s self regulatory systems are out of balance, and your digestive system is struggling, you’ll find it very difficult to lose weight, if not impossible, despite what you do.

Why is that?

If you find yourself in this endless cycle of ineffective weight loss and gain then it simply means that your body is finding it hard to access the nutrients you need from your food and to metabolise any nutrition it can access. This leads it to go into survival mode, squirrelling away energy stores wherever it can in case it can’t get any more!  Not only does this lead to yet more weight gain and the additional health issues that ensue, but dieting can, in fact, make the situation worse as limiting food intake, or drastically favouring one food type over another, only serves to reinforce the body’s ‘panic’ leading to yet more imbalance.

So how to successfully lose weight?

Well obviously making sure that you have balance between how much you consume and the exercise you take is an important first step, though many of you will already be taking such measures as you are interested in improving your health.  So the next step is to re-establish those self regulatory processes and improve your digestion, and the key to this, which is contrary to most traditional diets, is to focus on what we put into our bodies rather than what we keep out!

Ensuring you have a low acidic diet, for instance, with lots of vegetables and fresh fruit, making as many meals as possible from scratch to avoid processed foods, and avoiding sugars and refined carbohydrates wherever you can are simple measures you can take.  Aim for as much variety in your diet as possible, an important element that recent research is finding to significantly help to improve your digestive system’s microbiome, the good gut bacteria so important for effective digestion.  And of course if you feel that there are more significant underlying disturbances to your digestion and your health in general then seeking additional help to resolve these is also essential.

By following this approach to losing weight, which in effect focuses on the causes of weight gain rather than just the symptoms, you will find that over time your digestion and overall health improves.  And those excess pounds?  They simply disappear with your body settling to its own natural weight – no strict plans, embarrassing weigh ins or endless frustration. How good is that?


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