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Our bodies are very complex and very clever structures. 

Using intricately developed homeostatic balance and self regulatory processes it can adjust to our ever changing inner environment and the external one too, protecting, defending and repairing our precious cells, organs and tissues from disturbing factors, bugs, bacteria, and toxicity.  And all without us having to think too much about it!  How good is that?


But what happens when things go wrong? 

Despite these highly developed mechanisms there are times, as with anything, when errors occur, the systems become overwhelmed, or come up against something which is unexpected and therefore not covered by current procedures!  And at times like this your body needs help.  It needs to let you know that there is problem and it requires some additional assistance.


So what does it do to alert you to the issue?

It produces symptoms – signs to let you know that you need to stop doing something, start doing something or do something differently.


Unfortunately we’re not that good at taking notice of this early warning system.

We’ve sort of been conditioned over the years into believing that symptoms are ‘bad’ and should be ‘got rid of’ as quickly as possible – sadly usually by taking some sort of suppressing medication.

Whilst of course it can’t be denied that being without symptoms is a lot more comfortable, our desire to remove these warning signs means that we often miss the important point – finding out why our bodies are struggling and doing something about it.  In other words the underlying cause of the symptoms.  As a result the originating issues simply become more deeply embedded leading to bigger problems for our bodies in the future – niggling symptoms eventually becoming chronic conditions.


So what to do?

Start seeing your symptoms as you new best friends.  Those caring companions that want to help you, support you, and let you know when things aren’t what they should be.  Take notice of what your body is telling you and take action.  By all means use something as a temporary measure to alleviate the symptom if you need to – we all have lives to lead and things to do! – but also take the time to investigate what is going wrong to prompt the symptom in the first place.  The earlier you take action the easier it is to resolve the problem.  Time and time again I see examples in the Practice of where people have perhaps ignored symptoms for too long.  Whilst it is always possible to help with BaPS Bioresonance treatment, it’s so much quicker and easier when disturbances are limited.

So the next time you get that niggling symptom take note of what your friend is trying to tell you and do something about it – your body and your health will love you for it!

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